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Silver Detail Package


Gold Detail Package


VIP Wash


Exterior Services

Handwax-Express (up to 3 months protection)
Carnauba Hand Wax (up to 6 months protection)
Orbital Polish (1 step – up to 6 months protection, includes carnauba)
Two Step Buff & Wax (Removes light scratches and oxidation)
Paint Sealant (1 year protectant and Clear Coat Safe)

Clay Magic Overspray Removal (Erases paint surface contaminants such as overspray, bug residue, & tree sap)

Engine Cleaning (top only – does not include wash)
Wheel Buff (by estimate)
Headlight Buff/Clean (by estimate)
Oversize Charge

Exterior Services

Carpet Shampoo


Seat/Upholstery Shampoo


Leather Treatment (condition leather, seats, doors, console)
Super Clean includes cleaning, dash, doors, console (leather treatment extra)
Complete Interior Detail All of the above
Fabric Protectant ($10.00 for seats or $20.00 for both)

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